Mailchimp API Key Setup Guide

To enable ‘Newsletter Subscription’ and run it successfully, the admin must update settings to be used for Email marketing from Third-Party Integrations > Email Marketing tab.Fig. 1: Admin Third-Party API Settings

The admin needs to enter the ‘Mailchimp Key’ and ‘Mailchimp List Id’ to update the mailchimp settings. 

To access the keys, the admin must follow the steps given below: 

Visit and the login homepage will open as shown in figure 2. 

Fig. 2: Mailchimp Login Homepage 

If the admin does not have a mailchimp account, they can sign up by clicking on the ‘Sign Up Free’ button and filling up the necessary details in ‘Welcome to Mailchimp’ form as shown in figure 3 below.

Fig. 3: Welcome to Mailchimp 

If the admin already has an account, they must login by clicking on the ‘Login In’ button and filling up their credentials in mailchimp login form as shown in figure 4. 

Fig. 4: Login Mailchimp Account 

The admin needs to verify their email address before logging in. The verification code is forwarded on the registered email address and the admin must enter the verification code and click on ‘Submit Verification’ button to proceed to the next step. 

The admin will be redirected to the ‘Account Set Up’ page. Please choose a plan and complete the payment in case if proceeding with a paid plan. 

Fig. 5: Account Set Up

Once a plan has been chosen, please click on the ‘Next’ button to proceed further. The page includes five steps. The admin needs to finish setting up the account by following the steps. 

Once logged in, the admin will be redirected to mailchimp Dashboard as shown in figure 6 below. 

Fig. 6: Dashboard

The admin must click on ‘Account’ which will redirect them to the Account settings page as shown in figure 7. 

Fig. 7: ‘Account’ Settings 

The admin must click on ‘Extras’ which will open a drop-down list. Admin must click on ‘API Keys’. This will open the ‘API keys’ page as shown in figure 8. 

Fig. 8: ‘Extras’ from ‘Account’ Settings Page 

The API Keys page will open as shown in figure 9. Please click on the ‘Create A Key’ button which will create a new ‘Mailchimp Key’. 

Fig. 9: API Keys Page

Admin can copy and paste this API key in their portal as shown in figure 1.  

Now, please click on the ‘Audience’ icon from the side-navigation menu. Please select ‘Settings’ from ‘Manage Audience’ as marked in figure 10 below. 

Fig. 10: Audience page

The admin will be redirected to the Audience settings page as shown in figure 11. 

The Mailchimp List Id is provided at the bottom of the settings as marked in the figure below.

Fig. 11: Audience ID

The admin must copy this ID and paste it in the ‘Mailchimp List ID’ input field (figure 1).