Registration & Login

An Advertiser can find the ‘Advertise with Us’ option at the footer navigation bar which would redirect the user to the Advertiser Landing page. 

The user will be redirected to ‘Advertise With Us’ form.

The user needs to fill out the following details to create an advertiser account:

  1. Details tab: The following information needs to be added: 
    1. Name*: Enter their name. 
    2. Phone Number*: Enter their contact number. 
    3. Username*: Enter their username. 
    4. Email Address*: Enter their valid email address.
    5. Password*: Setup their password. 
    6. Confirm Password*: Re-enter their password. 
  2. Company Details tab: On this tab the following information needs to be added: 
    1. Company Name: Enter their company name.
    2. Brief Profile: Enter a brief description of their profile.
    3. Products/services you wish to advertise?: Enter details about the kinds of products and services the user wishes to advertise.

The user will need to verify the registered email address to login to the system.

Only after completing the email verification step the user can only log into the system by using the ‘Sign In’ form. The user can also open this form by clicking on the ‘Login/ Sign Up’ button provided on the top navigation bar of the website. 

NB: If the admin has activated the ‘Request Approval’ settings from their end, the user’s request to be registered as an ‘Advertiser’ will be forwarded to the admin. The user can only sign in once the request has been approved from admin-end.