Affiliate Module

Table of Contents

1. Registration2. Login

Users can register as an affiliate to earn money from the website. Affiliate users need to share the affiliate URL through which buyers can register themselves. Further, if the buyer has registered on the website and is purchasing through the affiliate URL, then the respective affiliate will get virtual credits to their wallet as per the settings defined by the admin through the admin console. 

1. Registration

Users can register as an affiliate by clicking on the ‘Affiliates’ link provided in the footer of the website's homepage. 

Upon clicking the link, the user will be redirected to the ‘Affiliate Registration’ page. On the registration page, the user needs to fill the multi-tab signup form to create an affiliate account. 

  1. Personal Details tab: The user must: 
    • Username*: Enter the username to be used. 
    • Email*: Enter their email address.
    • Name*: Enter their name. 
    • Phone*: Enter their contact number.
    • Password*: Setup their password. 
    • Confirm Password*: Re-enter their password to confirm. 
    • ‘I Agree To The Terms & Conditions’ Check-box: Select the check-box to agree to the terms and conditions.
      The user must click on the ‘Register’ button to proceed further with the registration process. 
  2. Company Details tab: The user must:
    • Company: Enter their company name. 
    • Website: Enter their website name. 
    • Address Line 1*: Enter their personal address. 
    • Address Line 2: Enter their personal address. 
    • Country*: Select the residential country. 
    • State*: Select their residential state. 
    • City: Select their residential city.
    • Postal Code*: Enter their postal code.
      The user must click on the ‘Register’ button to proceed further with the registration process.
  3. Payment Information tab: The user must:
    • Tax ID: Enter their tax id. 
    • Payment Method: Select the payment method they wish to add.
      1. Cheque: The user will need to enter their ‘Cheque Payee Method’ to add this payment method.
      2. Bank: The user will need to enter:
        • Bank Name: The name of the bank in which they have their account. 
        • Account Holder Name: The name of account holder. 
        • Bank Account Number: The account number of the user.
        • Swift Code: The swift code of the account.
        • Bank Address: The address of the branch in which the user has their bank account.
      3. Paypal: The user will need to enter their ‘Paypal Email Account’ when selecting this payment method.The user must click on the ‘Register’ button to proceed further with the registration process.
  4. Confirmation tab: As shown below, a confirmation message is displayed which also requests the user to verify their email address and only then proceed with login.

NB: If the admin has activated ‘Request Approval’ from their end, the registration request of the user as an affiliate will be forwarded. The user will only be able to access their account after admin approval.

2. Login

The system contains a single login form for all the users including affiliate users. Upon clicking the Sign In option from the top navigation bar, a login popup window will be displayed as shown below The affiliate user can login to the system here.