AfterShip API Setup Guide

AfterShip Plugin API Keys Setup Guide

AfterShip API is a shipment tracking API that returns tracking info of our supported couriers. You can insert tracking results directly at your application or store, and notify users of delivery updates using webhooks.
To configure AfterShip Shipment Plugin, you need to generate an API key. Once generated the same needs to be updated in Yo!Kart admin panel > Settings > Plugins > Shipment Tracking > Settings

Important steps: 

  1. Sign Up/ Sign In
  2. Configure API Key (Step 3)
  3. Enable Couriers (Step 5)
    To configure AfterShip API follow the steps explained below: 

Step 1: Register and Sign In

  1. Visit and click on the Get Started-it’s free button located on the top right navigation panel. 
  2. Once the registration completes, login to your account by clicking on the Login button.

Step 2: Generate API Keys

  1. Once logged in, you are presented with the dashboard. From the dashboard area, click on the Settings option from bottom left side corner.
  2. Click on the API Keys option listed under the Feature Settings. 
  3. Next screen presents you with API keys. Copy the keys and paste into Yo!Kart admin panel > Settings > Plugins > Shipment Tracking > Settings > API Key

Step 3:Enable Couriers

  1. Once the key has been configured, go back to the AfterShip Settings page and click on the Carriers option. 
  2. From the Carriers settings page, click on the Add Carrier button to browse through the list of carriers to add. 
  3. Select the checkbox provided besides each of the carrier names and confirm by clicking on the Add button. 
  4. All the carriers that you select will be added to the list and displayed under My Carriers list.