During the chat, all the raised queries and issues that require time and effort to reach are called and converted into tickets. Through this section, you can trace all those chat conversations that are converted into tickets irrespective of their status such as open, closed, pending. Once the records of tickets are maintained, the information can be obtained from the following self explanatory list:

  • Ticket Reference: Below this header,  a unique system generated ticket ID can be seen with the date and time stamps. There is an anchor link attached to ID, upon click you will be redirected to the detail page of the ticket.
  • Visitor Name & Email: Name and email address of the visitor can be viewed.
  • Subject: Detail about what the subject is all about.
  • Created By: Know who has created the ticket, agent or visitor.
  • Assigned To: Know which agent is addressing the query/complaint..
  • Status: The current status of the ticket followed by the email verification of visitors.
  • View : Click on the view icon and the information is displayed on the following tabs:
    • Ticket Tab: On this tab, the basic details such as name, email, subject, created on, created by, can be obtained. As an admin, following manual actions can be performed:
      • Status: Manage the current status and change it to ‘Open’, ‘Closed’, and ‘Pending’ or vice versa. 
      • Priority: Change the priority currently set, Highest  to lowest. 
      • Assignee: View the list of agents linked with the property and assign to another agent, if required. 

Alongside this, here is an overview of what’s more inside the tickets section:

  1. New Ticket: To create a new ticket, click on the button ‘New Ticket’ and you will be prompted to enter the following information:.
    • Recipient Name
    • Recipient Email
    • Subject
    • Message
    • Assigned To
    • Priority
    • Attach File
      Once the details are added, click on the ‘Create TIcket’ to add a ticket to the system.
  2. Filters: There are easy search filters provided to help you sort a large number of listing on the following criteria:
    • Visitor: Filter by name or email.
    • Created By: Filter directly by entering the name of the agent who created the ticket.
    • Agents: Filter by entering the name of the agents who worked in ticket handling.
    • Ticket Ref: Filter by ticket reference ID.
    • Ticket Status: Sort by the ticket status.
    • From/To: Filter by selecting the date range. 
  3. Export: You can export tickets data to a .csv at the moment you select the ‘Export’ option. The exported data details can be saved for future use.
  4. List Sorting: Click on the downward arrow  icon to sort the listing in ascending or descending order.