LessonSpace Integration Setup Guide

Configure LessonSpace key under System Settings > General Settings > Third party API.


To collect this key, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your LessonSpace Account, If you don't have one, visit https://www.thelessonspace.com/create-account . A form will open for creating an account.

  2. Fill in all the fields and click on create account. (remember to save your password as you’ll need it for logging it to LessonSpace account later)
  3. Now you’ll be redirected to your account page.

  4. Copy the LessonSpace API keys: (By going to LessonSpace Dashboard > Settings > Developer).

  5. Now paste this key in the corresponding section of the admin panel.
    Have a look at our Getting Started Guide to see how to create spaces and share links with your students.
    If you're not sure what you can do during live sessions have a look at our Space Features to learn more about what's possible with LessonSpace.