Live Chat Code ( Script Setup Guide

The admin can activate the ‘Live Chat’ feature on their website from Third-Party Integrations > Live Chat tab. The admin will be redirected to the page shown in figure 1 where they can activate or deactivate this feature.

Fig. 1: Live Chat Code (Admin-end)

Admin needs to configure the settings to ensure that this feature works at the front-end. 

To get access to ‘Live Chat Code’ the steps to be followed are: 

  1. Visit which will redirect the admin to the website’s homepageFig. 2: LogIn/Sign UP Page
    NB: The admin must carefully follow the ‘Sign Up’ process since the ‘Live Chat Code’ will be generated within the sign up steps only. 
  2. Admin must click on ‘Sign Up Free’which will redirect them to the Sign Up form. The admin must enter:
    • Name
    • Email Address
    • PasswordFig. 3: Sign Up 
  3. On clicking the ‘Sign Up for Free’ button the admin will be redirected to the next step which is ‘Language Selection’ as shown in figure 4.Fig. 4: Sign Up - Step 1
    The admin must select the language of choice from the drop-down list and click on the ‘Next’ button to proceed further.
  4. The next step is to enter the ‘Property Details’ as shown in figure 5.Fig. 5: Sign Up - Step 2
  5. Entering the details and clicking on ‘Next’ will redirect the admin to ‘Team Members’ step. Admin can add more than one email address to add more team members.Fig. 6: Sign Up- Step 3
  6. Clicking on ‘Next’ will redirect the admin to the ‘Install Widget’ step as shown in figure 7.
    Fig. 7: Sign Up- Step 4
    The admin must copy the code provided in the text box (marked in figure 7) and paste it in their settings as shown in figure 1
  7. The admin can complete their Sign Up process by clicking on the ‘Done’ button as shown in figure  
  8. If by any chance, the admin forgets to copy this code, they can access it from their profile. To do so, the admin must go to the ‘Settings’ tab provided on the bottom of the left side-navigation bar (refer figure 8). Fig. 8: Side Navigation Bar on 
  9. The admin will be redirected to the ‘Settings’ page which also provides a separate left side-navigation bar. The admin must click on the ‘Chat Widget’ tab as marked in figure 9.Fig. 9: ‘Chat Widget’ tab under Settings
    This will open the ‘Chat Widget’ page which displays the ‘Widget Code’ that the admin can copy and paste in the ‘Live Chat Code’ input field in their settings (refer  figure 1).

Output at Front-end: Once the Live Chat has been enabled and settings have been configured by the admin, a ‘Live Chat’ icon will appear on the website at the front-end (as shown in figure 10). 

Fig. 10: Live Chat Icon

Clicking on this icon, a pop-up will appear as shown in figure 11. In this pop-up, the user can enter their details and start chatting by clicking on ‘Start Chat’. 

Fig. 11: Live Chat Pop-up

The admin can make several changes related to appearance and managing these chats from the ‘Settings’ tab of their respective account.