Bing Webmaster Tool Setup Guide

Bing Webmaster Tools will periodically validate the site ownership status by accessing the respective Search Console account. The admin can configure ‘Bing Webmaster’ by uploading the ‘XML File Authentication’ from System Settings > General Settings > SEO tab as shown in figure 1. 

Fig. 1: Bing Webmaster (Admin-end)

To get access to this authentication file, the admin must follow the steps provided below: 

  1. Visit which will redirect the admin to the ‘Bing Webmaster Tools Sign In/Sign Up Page’ as shown in figure 2. 

Fig. 2: ‘Bing Webmaster Tools Sign In/Sign Up’ Page

The admin must click on the ‘Sign In’ button and login through any of the accounts: ‘Microsoft’, ‘Google’, or ‘Facebook’. If the admin does not have any account they are recommended to create a gmail account and then login through ‘Google’. 

  1. Once logged in, the admin will be redirected to ‘Bing Webmaster’ homepage. 

Fig. 3: ‘Bing Webmaster’ homepage

  1. The admin must enter their ‘Site URL’ in the ‘Add Your Site Manually’ section as marked in figure 3 and then click on the ‘Add’ button. 
  2. The ‘Add & Verify Site’ side navigation bar will appear to the right which includes the .xml file as shown in the figure 4. The admin must download this file and upload it in their dashboard settings as shown in figure 1

Fig. 4: Add & Verify Site 

  1. Once the file has been uploaded by the admin in their settings, two action buttons will be displayed to the right as shown in figure 5. 

Fig. 5: Bing Webmaster Settings (Admin-end)

  • View File : Clicking on this icon, the admin can view the uploaded file. 
  • Delete File : Clicking on this icon will delete the uploaded file. 
  1. The admin must once again visit the ‘Add & Verify Site’ page and click on the ‘Verify’ button as shown in figure 6. 

Fig. 6: Add & Verify Site 

The Binge Webmaster will verify the added domain and once the verification is successful, a confirmation message will be displayed as shown in figure 7. This message confirms that the site has been added to Bing Webmaster Tools successfully. 

Fig. 7: ‘Site Addition Successful’ Message