Rental Orders

This is the area dedicated to manage all your rental related orders. The listing shows the total orders created in the system so far along with the ones that are in the initial processing stage. The default listing shows rental pricing and information under the following headers explained:


Gain an overview of products that have been rented out and are currently being served. Above the listing, search filters are provided for the easy sorting and presentation of the information contained:

  • rd: Search by name, brand of the product.
  • Status: Sort the listing as per the order status. Make a selection from the provided list.
  • Price (Min):.Sort the rental listing defining the minimum amount of the sale order.
  • Price (Max):.Sort the rental listing defining the maximum amount of the sale order.
  • Date From & To:. Select the date range of the order. 

Click on the ‘View’ icon to see details from a specific order such as order summary, general information, billing, shipping address, payment information.

Additionally, you can complete other actions, like canceling an order, sending a message to the buyer, printing order details, changing the order status, and notifying customers via an email. Once the order is received the following statutes related changes can be made:

  • Payment Confirmed
  • In Process
  • Shipped
  • Delivered

Cancellation Requests

All the rental order cancellation requests either initiated by buyers or sellers will be shown in the listing. Buyers can choose to cancel the entire order, if rental ordered items need to be cancelled. Please note that cancellation of orders is possible only before the order has not been shipped. Once shipped, it cannot be cancelled. Sellers’ can also cancel an order if they run out of stock on an item and are unable to fulfill the order. The listing allows to view the following order cancellation information:

  • ID
  • Date
  • Order ID/Invoice Number
  • Request Details
  • Status
  • Amount
  • Purchased Quantity
  • Security Amount (Per Qty)

Return Requests

Return request feature enables buyers to request a return on items rented. The order listing has the following manual actions for the Seller to perform: 

  1. View Order Return Request: Click the ‘View Return Order Request’ icon and the information can be glanced under separate headers:
    1. Request Details:This section provides basic details about the order request. Here, information can be viewed only, no additions or edits can be made by the Seller: 
      • Customer Address
      • Id 
      • Order ID/Invoice Number 
      • Product 
      • Return Qty
      • Request Type 
      • Reason 
      • Date 
      • Product Price 
      • Security Amount
      • Tax 
      • Shipping
      • Status
      • Total Amount
    2. Approve Refund: After considering the request, if you think the requested order refund does not require further review in general, click on the ‘Approve Refund’ button. The Seller is authorized to mark orders as ‘Approved’. Once it is approved, the return request process is initiated and money will be refunded back to the ‘Buyer’s’ Wallet. Here it is important for the Seller to convey to the buyer that ‘Shipping Amount’ charged will not be refunded.
    3. Escalate To Growcer: Issue escalation in Growcer can occur due to many reasons. After considering the request, if you can authorize it partially and require the involvement of Admin, click on the button ‘Escalate To Yo!Rent.’ 
    4. Return Request Messages: A communication thread between buyer, seller, admin is generated. There is also a provision for the Seller to reply to the messages or concerns shared by the buyer. Type your message and click on the ‘Submit’ button. To go back to the listing, click on the ‘Back’ button located at the top right corner.

Cancellation Penalty Rules

Cancellation penalty defines the penalty amount to be charged if a rented product order has been canceled. Being a seller the following manual actions can be performed when it comes to managing cancellation penalty rules:

  • Disable All Rules: Click on the button and all rules will be disabled. 
  • View Admin Rules: View the admin defined rules.
  • Edit: Click on the edit button and a listing will appear above where edits in the rules are made. Once new rules are added, click on the ‘Save Changes’ button and rules will appear in the listing. Later edits can be done.

Late Charges Management

For products that are retained beyond the given duration are applicable for late charges. To apply late charges, Sellers can decide the charges by creating a profile. By default a ‘Global Late Charges’ profile is created. The seller can make edits to the given profile by clicking on the ‘Edit’ icon. 

Also, a new profile can be created by clicking on the ‘Create Profile’ button on the top right corner. The information such as profile name, charge type, amount, products and services are added. To confirm the profile information, don’t forget to click on the ‘Save Changes’ button. 

Upcoming/overdue Returns

Sellers can keep track of products that are upcoming for returns. A separate tab is also provided for products that are overdue.

The following search filters are available to sort the listing:

  • Start Date
  • End Date