Facebook Login Setup and Keys configuration

These settings are provided in Third-party Integrations > Social Logins Keys tab. 

Fig. 13: Facebook Login settings

Now, please copy the App id and App secret keys provided on the Basic settings page (shown in figure 10) and paste them in the admin panel as shown in above figure 13. To copy the App Secret key, please click on the Show button and then re-enter your account’s password. 

The configuration for facebook is still pending so please follow the below steps to complete the process. 

Moving ahead, please click on the ‘Products’ plus icon provided in the side-navigation menu as marked in figure 14 below. 

Fig. 14: Add Products

The admin will revisit the ‘Add Products to your App’ page. Click on the ‘Set Up’ button provided for ‘Facebook Login’ as marked in figure 15 below. 

Fig. 15: Add Products to Your App Page

The admin will be redirected to a page requesting to choose a platform as shown in figure 16. 

Fig. 16: Select The Platform

Please select ‘Web’ which will open an extended form as shown in figure 17 below. 

Fig. 17: Tell Us About Your Website

Please enter your Site URL in the provided input field. Click on ‘Save’ and then click on ‘Continue’. 

Now, please click on the ‘Settings’ provided under the ‘Facebook Login’ from the side-navigation menu as shown in figure 18. 

Fig. 18: Facebook Login Settings

The Settings page will open as shown in figure 19 below. The admin needs to enter only the below mentioned details - 

  • Valid OAuth Redirect URIs: Enter the redirect URI with the format: 
  • Data Deletion Request URL: Enter the data deletion request URL of your website. 

The Valid OAuth redirect URI can be validated from the ‘Redirect URI Validator’. Copy the URI from the above field, paste it below in the provided input box and then click on the ‘Check URI’ button. 

Fig. 19: Facebook Login Settings

A success message will be displayed if the entered URI is correct. Please refer to an example shown in figure 20 below. 

Fig. 20: Example- Check URI

Once the details are entered, please click on the ‘Save Changes’ button. 


Please make sure that the Facebook Login plugin has been enabled and correct keys have been configured. Now, go to the login form at the front-end and click on the Facebook logo as shown in figure 21 below. 

Fig. 21: Yo!Rent Login/Signup page

The user can log into the website through their facebook account.