Login with Facebook for Developers and Create App

Please https://developers.facebook.com/products/facebook-login/ which will open the Facebook For Developers page. 

Fig. 1: Facebook for Developers Login/Signup

Click on the ‘Login’ button provided on the top-right corner and use your facebook login credentials to proceed ahead. 

Fig. 2: Facebook for Developers Login/Signup

Please make sure that you have already been registered with facebook. However, if you don't have an official facebook account, please create one. 

Once logged in, please click on the ‘My Apps’ button provided on the top-right corner as marked in the figure 3 below. 

Fig. 3: Facebook for Developers ‘My Apps’

If you are an existing user, it might be possible that you have already created an app before. If you wish to proceed with an existing app, please skip the steps involved in creating an app. 

However, if you are a new user the Apps page will be displayed as shown in figure 4. Please follow the below steps to create an app. 

Fig. 4: Apps page

Click on ‘Create an App’ button which will open a pop-up window as shown in figure 5 below. 

Fig. 5: Create an App

Select the ‘None’ and then click on ‘Continue’. 

In the next window (figure 7), please enter the following necessary details - 

  • App Display Name: Enter the app display name. 
  • App Contact Email: This field is usually auto-filled. 
  • Do you Have a Business Manager Account?: One can proceed with ‘No Business Manager Account Selected’. However, one can also choose a previously existing account from the drop-down list. 

Fig. 7: Create an App

Click on the ‘Create App’ button and perform the security check step to finish the app creation process. The admin will be redirected to the Add Products page as shown in the figure 8 below. 

Fig. 8: Add Products page

Go to ‘Settings’ and then select ‘Basic’ from the side navigation menu as marked in the figure 9 below. 

Fig. 9: Basic Settings

This page displays the app id and app secret as marked in figure 10.

Fig. 10: Basic Settings of App

Before copying the keys, please update the following necessary/mandatory details - 

  • Display Name: Enter the display name. 
  • Namespace: Enter the namespace as per the provided instructions. 
  • App Domains: Enter the domain. The domains must be added without ‘https’ or ‘www’:
    • For your custom domain, the domain could be: "<domainname>.com"
    • For your subdomain (in a trial or Starter), the domain could be: "<sub-domainname>.<domainname>.com"
      Example: v9.demo.yo-kart.com
  • Privacy Policy URL: Enter the Privacy Policy URL of your website. 
  • Terms of Service URL: Enter the Terms and Conditions URL of your website. 
  • App Icon: Upload the app icon. 
  • Category: Select an appropriate category from the drop-down list (recommended for e-commerce platforms: Shopping). 
  • App Purpose: Select ‘Yourself or Your own Business’ option. 

Once these details are entered, please scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the ‘Add Platform’ button (marked in figure 10). A pop-up window will appear as shown in figure 11. 

Fig. 11: Select Platform

Click on [Website] which will add a ‘Website’ section as shown in figure 12 below. 

Fig. 12: Add Site URL

Enter the Site URL in the format. If the admin is using a main domain, it could be: "https://www.<domainname>.com” or "https://<domainname>.com". If the admin is using a sub-domain, it could be: "https://<sub-domainname>.<domainname>.com". 

Once these details are entered, please click on the ‘Save Changes’ button provided at the bottom.