Editing A Web Page

1. Add/Edit Content Pages

A content page is a web page that holds the information that is displayed.

  1. Create new content pages that can later be linked with navigation headers. Follow the following steps:
    • Select ‘CMS’ module from the hamburger menu, select ‘Content Pages’.
    • Click on the three vertical dots and select ‘Add Page’.
    • Complete the ‘Content Pages Setup’ form and a created page will be added to the listing.

2. Manage Navigations

To display content pages into the navigation, go to CMS > Navigation Management. Click on the three vertical dots under the header ‘Action’ and select ‘Pages’.

On the next screen under the ‘Navigation Pages Listing’, you will be shown the ‘Pages’ option located below the ‘Action’ header.

Go to the ‘Pages’ option and link to the content pages.

3. Home Page Slides Management

An admin can create, change and manage rotating backdrop banners displayed on the website from cms > Home page slides management.

  1. Add a new slide, click on three vertical dots on the top right corner.
  2. Manage Media by adding media in the given ‘Slide Setup’ form:

  3. Change the order of the banner images displayed on the website with the drag and drop feature.
    Long press on icon  and drop it in the required position.

4. Manage Banners

As an admin, you can create, edit, upload images of any of the banners, set banners for advertisers, change the order of banners displayed, and temporarily hide by changing statues.

  1. Banner Layout Instructions: This icon is located at the upper right corner of the banners listing. On click, an admin can view the default layout instructions. The instructions helps:
    • Right place to display banners 
    • Attract more eye-catching customers 
    • Select images that go well with predefined spacing, width and height for the banner image.
  2. Add Banners by clicking on, select ‘Banners’ and click ‘Add New’ on the top right corner. Go through all the segments of the form and on the ‘Media’ tab, manage the banner images that are meant to be displayed on the website frontend.