About Export Tax Groups

Pre-existing tax groups can be exported in Growcer. The statuses such as active, inactive, deleted  can be determined with the data exported. There is no option to import the tax groups. In case a new group needs to be created, this can be done Settings > Tax Management > Add Group. 

1. Export Process 

Click on the Hamburger menu , select ‘Import Export’. Select ‘Export from the left hand menu, and select ‘Tax Group’ from the provided options. The following information is required to be submitted to download the .csv file:

1.2 Content Tab

This tab has following information need to be entered to download a .csv:

  • Language: This option lets users export data in their preferred language. Once selected, click on the ‘Submit’ button.
  • Understanding Sequence Of Downloaded .csv:
    Open exported .csv file from your downloads folder. Once a file is accessed, data can be viewed in the following sequence:
    1. Tax Group ID/Identifier*: Depending upon the settings enabled, tax group id/identifier is displayed. 
    2. Tax Group Name*: The name of tax groups that pre-exists into the system can be viewed. 
    3. Active: Know whether a group is active or inactive. Groups that are ‘Inactive’ are marked as ‘No’.
    4. Deleted: Display deleted groups as ‘Yes’ and existing records as ‘No’. 

Columns marked with asterisk* are mandatory to input information and cannot be left blank.