About Export & Import Countries

To manage the user's profile, shipping delivery address, shop setup, new user registration, countries data is provided in the system. Whenever required, an admin user can keep a track of users geographically through an export option. Also, for its accurate management data can be added, edited and deleted via an import. 

1. Export Process

Export countries data by clicking on the Hamburger menu  on the left, select ‘Import Export’, click ‘Export’, from the left hand menu, select ‘Countries’ from the provided options. Open the exported file. At this point it is important to understand the sequence of downloaded .csv so that data can be added, edited and updated without any difficulty. View the file and the following information will appear:

1.1 Content Tab

This tab has following information prompted to download a .csv:

  • Language: We provide you a content section to download data in multiple languages as added by admin in the system. For instance if you want to save content in the English language simply select English and submit. Similarly for other languages follow the above process with respective languages. 

Open exported .csv file and once it is accessed, data can be viewed/edited in the following sequence:

  1. Country Code: User defined field for unique country code. Add in case new codes are to be added. Edit, in case existing ones require changes. 
  2. Country Name: User defined field for unique country name.
  3. Country Phone Code: User defined field for unique country name.
  4. Currency Id: User defined field for unique currency code for the country.
  5. Lang Code: Language code for the country can be input here. 'Universal' is to be used as an option if there is no preference, else relevant ISO language code needs to be associated with the country. For example we will use 'en_US' for the United States.
  6. Active: User defined field to mark a particular country as active in the system or not. Possible inputs for this field are 'Yes' & 'No'. Default value should be set as 'Yes'.
  7. Lastly, save the prepared ‘Countries’ content file into your document folder.

2. Import Process

Once required data is added/edited and its ready to import, click on the hamburger menu  on the left, select ‘Import Export’, click ‘Import’, from the left hand menu, select ‘Import’  select option 'Countries’.

Upon click, the following modular ‘Import Instructions’ tab will appear where information is displayed into various tabs:

  1. Instructions: On this tab, instructions about importing ‘Countries’ data are displayed. We recommend a thorough reading of instructions to avoid uploading errors. 
  2. Content: On this tab, the following fields are displayed to import data:
    • Select File To Upload: Click on ‘Browse File’, locate the file, click ‘Open’ and then ‘Submit’.

The ‘Data Imported/Updated Successfully’ message will be displayed when the file is uploaded within the system. Exit the section and congratulations you have successfully uploaded/updated newly added data into the system. In case of any discrepancies found, an error message is displayed and a log file will be automatically generated. Go through the log file, mark the areas highlighted for error and re-import. In case a problem persists, contact team Growcer.