Manage Admin Users

This section is catered to create sub-admin users. By default, an admin is a super admin and holds the rights to add, edit and manage permissions for created sub-users. To add new sub-admin users, click on the upper right corner where three vertical dots are shown , upon click, Admin User Setup form is displayed where information in the following input fields are entered

  • Full Name*: Enter the full name of the user.
  • Username*: Enter a unique username.
  • Email*: Enter email id.
  • Password*: Enter a password.
  • Confirm Password*: Enter the same password entered above
  • Status: There are two statues shown, active or inactive, select preferred. Just as you click on Save Changes, the created user will be shown in the Admin User Listing detail page alongside displaying the following information:
    • Sr. No: Unique serial number is generated for easy identification
    • Full Name: This column features the full name of a user.
    • Username: The username of the user is displayed.
    • Email: The email address of the user is displayed.
    • Status: Display the current status. Change the status with the help of a toggle switch .Also, it is noteworthy that once the sub-admin users have been set up, admin or super admin can make edits, change password, grant permissions to them.
      Below the Action heading click on  three vertical dots and you are prompted with the following list of options:
  • Edit: Will open Admin User Setupform where edits or changes into populated following fields are made such as:
    • Full Name
    • Username 
    • Email, once changes have been made, click on Save Changes.
  • Change Password: For security reasons, an admin can make password related changes to the sub-admin profiles. The following fields are prompted to edit:
    • New Password
    • Confirm Password, once finalized, Click on Save Changes.
  • Permissions: You are authorized to set permissions for the created sub-admin user. Click permissions and the following list are displayed:
    • Sr. No: Unique serial number for easy classification of listed data.
    • Module: Enlist the name of a module.
    • Permissions: To grant Specific permissions specifically for each listed module, select from a drop-down list. Depending upon the permission granted, a user is liable to view, add, edit and access the modules.
      Note: None means no permissions, Read Only means viewing listed only & Read & Write means sub-admin users can view/add/edit information.
  • Select Permission For All Modules: Another way of granting permission is to set permission in bulk. Users granted here are liable to handle all permissions on the site. This can be done by accessing the Select Permission For All Modules drop-down list located at the top of Admin User Listing. Once permission is set, click on Apply to All to save the changes.

Tip: Bearing in mind the level of sensitivity and nature of the information stored in the system, there are chances of loss, misuse, modification, unauthorized access. Thus, permissions are granted explicitly and cautiously.