Shortcut Icons & Profile

1. Shortcut Icons

The login window will take an admin user to a dashboard that provides convenient shortcuts to manage essential tasks. The panel at the top is loaded with the following easy access buttons so that quicker actions can be performed.

  • Hamburger Menu Icon : Clicking on the icon showcases a detailed list of features and stows them away.
  • Logo : Take an admin user to the Admin Home Page, click on the logo provided.
  • View Store: Facilitate an admin to view the store frontend viewable buyers.
  • Clear Cache : Free up storage space and help the system to run more smoothly. It is however recommended to click clear cache whenever changes/additions pertaining to slide images, banner images, displayed on CMS/landing pages are made.
  • Message : Display unread messages. Below the list, there is a View All link, that will take admin to the Messages page where the following action buttons are provided:
    • Checkbox : Select either a particular message or multiple by clicking inside the space. A tickbox will appear to the selected ones .
    • Delete: Delete the selected message.
    • Refresh: Refresh the Messages page.
    • Mark unread: Mark the selected message as unread.
    • Mark read: Mark the selected message as read.
  • Language : Facilitate admin to set the language they want.
    Note: Changing your display language doesn’t affect the language settings for anyone else. Click on the drop-down to see the other available languages on the site. However, we recommend you make all language-related changes bycontacting Growcer’s team.
  • Sitemap : Admin holds the rights to create/update sitemap manually on a click, Sitemap has been updated appears at the bottom of the page to confirm the changes made.
  • Logout : Logout will terminate the session until the admin logins back again.

2. My Profile

From the hamburger menu icon  at the left, an admin can manage all aspects of their Profile by accessing the, following options:

  • View Profile: Here you can view initial account creation information under the username email and full name fields. The fields are editable, any necessary changes made can be saved by clicking on Save Changes. For more personalisation, Profile Picture can be uploaded and removed too when no longer required.
  • Change Password: For security reasons, set a new password by entering in the current and new password before confirming the final one. Clicking on Change will successfully change the password.
  • Logout: Clicking on Logout will take you back to the login window. To Sign In again, enter the username, password