Mailchimp Key Code Setup Guide

Table of Contents

1. Configure Mailchimp key

1. Configure Mailchimp key

Go to System Settings > General Settings > Third-party API tab. Scroll down to the header ‘Newsletter Subscription’.

To obtain Mailchimp key and list id, follow the steps explained below:

  1. Create an Account
    First and foremost, if you don't have a Mailchimp account already, you’ll need to create one, go to
  2. Generate Your API Keys
    Login and you will be presented with the Dashboard. Click on the ‘Username’ icon located at the bottom left corner, then select the option ‘Account’ from the list displayed.
    1. This will make the navigation bar appear on the top. Click on the dropdown button besides the menu label ‘Extras’ and select ‘API Keys’.
    2. Go to the ‘Your API Keys’ section. To generate a key click on the ‘Create A Key’ button.
    3. A message confirming that ‘Your New API Key Is Ready To Use’. Copy an existing API key or click the ‘Create A Key’ button.
  3. Generate Audience ID
    From your dashboard screen, select ‘Audience’ from the navigation menu.
    1. Next you will be redirected to the audience dashboard, click on the ‘Manage Audience’ tab and select ‘Settings’ from the displayed options list.
    2. Select ‘Audience Name And Defaults’ from the presented listed settings list.
    3. Copy the ‘Audience ID’, exit the section.