About Export Options

Table of Contents

1. Export Process

Product options facilitate Sellers’ to plan, structure and distinguish their inventory products that come in several variations such as color, size, flavor, formations and so on. In Growcer, products are binded with the options and are shown to buyers at the time of purchase. In case, the exported sheet does not have a loaded option you’re looking for, there is a provision to create one by accessing Settings > Options area.

1. Export Process

The steps to export or download existing product options content data involves:

  1. Click on the ‘Import Export’ from the left navigation menu.
  2. Select ‘Export’ from the displayed modular tab.
  3. A list of options available for export is displayed, select ‘Options’.
    1. Content Tab: This tab has following information prompted to download a .csv:
    2. Language: We provide you a content section to download options in multiple languages as added by admin in the system. For instance, if you want to save content in English language simply select language English and submit.
      Similarly for other languages follow the above process with respective languages.
      • Understanding Sequence Of Downloaded .csv: Open exported .csv file from your downloads folder. Once a file is accessed, data can be viewed in the following sequence:
        1. Option Identifier*: User defined unique identifier for the Option. This works as a unique key for the system to identify a particular Option.
        2. Option Name*: User defined name for the Option.