Create a Resource Group

Admin must redirect back to the ‘Portal’ (Refer figure 3) and click on ‘Resource Groups’ to create a new Resource Group.

Fig. 6: Resource Groups page

As shown in figure 6, admin must click on blue plus icon  to add a new Resource Group. Admin will be redirected to ‘Create a Resource Group’ page as shown in figure 7, in which admin must enter following details:

  • Subscription*: Select your currently active subscription for which the resource groups are to be created, from the drop-down list. 
  • Resource Group*: Enter a name for the resource group. 
  • Region*: Select region from drop-down list. 

Fig. 7: ‘Create A Resource Group’ page

Clicking on the ‘Review + Create’ button, you will be redirected to the review page. To finish the process, please click on the ‘Create’ button as shown in figure 8. 

Fig. 8: Finish Creating Resource Group 

Fig. 9: ‘Resource Group Created’ confirmation message 

A pop-up message will be displayed to confirm that the respective resource group has been created. Refreshing this page will display the newly created resource group in the ‘Resource Groups’ list.

As shown in figure 10, admin must click on the created Resource Group’s name.

Fig. 10: ‘Resource Groups’ list

Admin will be redirected to the details page as shown in figure 11. 

Fig. 11: ‘Resource Group Name’ Details Page

Click on ‘Create’ blue plus icon which will redirect admin to Marketplace as shown in figure 12. Admin must search ‘Translator’ in the search bar provided on the top. 

Fig. 12: Marketplace

Selecting ‘Translator’ will redirect admin to Translator Overview page as shown in figure 13. Admin must click on the ‘Create’ button. 

Fig. 13: Translator Overview Page

Admin will be redirected to the ‘Create Translator’ page (figure 14) in which admin must: 

  • Region*: Select the ‘Global’ region from the drop-down list. 
  • Name*: Enter a unique name for the translator.
  • Pricing Tier*: Select ‘F0 (2M Up to 2M characters translated per month)’ pricing tier from drop-down list. 

Fig. 14: ‘Create Translator’ Page

Click on the ‘Review + Create’ button to save and review the details. 

As shown in figure 15, click on the ‘Create’ button to finish creating the translator. 

Fig. 15: Finish Creating Translator 

A ‘Your Deployment is Complete’ message will be displayed on screen as shown in figure 16. 

Fig. 16: ‘Deployment is Complete’ Message 

Click on the ‘Resource Group’ name displayed in this section which will redirect admin to the list of translators. 

Fig. 16: Translators List Under respective Resource Group