Login and Add Subscription

Login to Microsoft Azure Portal from https://azure.microsoft.com/en-in/account/. If not registered already, please create an account and then proceed with the steps. Once logged in, the admin must click on the ‘Go to the Portal’ button to proceed (Refer figure 2). 

Fig. 2: Sign In Homepage

‘Portal’ home-screen will be displayed as shown in figure 3. 

Fig. 3: ‘Portal’ screen

Please click on ‘Subscriptions’ under the ‘Azure Services’ section which will redirect you to the Subscriptions page as shown in figure 4. 

Fig. 4: ‘Subscriptions’ Page

Admin must click on the ‘Add’ button to add a new subscription. The admin will be redirected to ‘Select an Offer For Your Subscription’ page as shown in figure 5 below. 

Fig. 5: ‘Subscriptions’ Page

Please choose a subscription of your choice or necessity. Once a subscription is selected, the admin needs to complete the signup steps by submitting required details. 

Please complete the subscription step and then proceed onto the steps mentioned ahead. Admin can refresh the ‘Subscriptions’ page to check their newly added subscription being displayed in the list below. 

If not displayed, the admin must select the ‘Show Only Subscriptions Selected in the Global Subscriptions Filter’ check-box and then refresh the page.