Outputs on the Panel

As we know that Yo!Kart is a multilingual platform, the admin might have multiple languages enabled within the system. To ease up the process of filling input data in all multiple languages, the auto-fill buttons are provided in the entire system wherever user input forms are available. 

Please note that these buttons will only be displayed once the API key has been configured within the system. They will also be displayed to the sellers, advertisers and affiliates registered on the panel. 

So, once the API key is configured currently, the admin will be able to see any one of the following buttons on every input data forms on their panel - 

Fig. 19: Auto-fill button 1

Fig. 20: Auto-fill button 2

These auto-filling buttons help admin in saving the workload of re-entering the data for all languages. Once the input fields of a form are filled in the system’s default language, please use any of the provided buttons (provided at the end or at the top of the form). The system will automatically update the content for other languages.