Stripe Plugin Keys Configuration Guide

Please check ‘Activate Live Payment Transaction Mode’ settings provided in System Settings > General Settings > Checkout tab before switching to sandbox/production modes. 

The Stripe configuration settings are provided under System Settings > Plugins > Regular Payment Methods > Stripe > Settings. 

Fig. 1: Stripe Plugin Settings at Admin-end

Key Components - 

Get Secret Key and Publishable Key

Please follow the below steps to complete the configuration -

  1. If you are a new user, please register on Stripe by entering basic details in ‘Create You Stripe Account’ form as shown in figure 2 below. 

Fig. 2: Create Your Stripe Account 

If you are already registered with Stripe please log into your account. 

  1. Once logged in, the admin will be redirected to the ‘Home’ page as shown in figure 3. 

Fig. 3: Home Page 

  1. The next step for the admin is to click on the ‘Activate Your Account’ button from the side-navigation bar which will open a page requesting to fill several general details (please refer to figure 4). Admin must fill in all the details required to activate their account. 

Fig. 4: Activate Your Account 

Once all the details have been entered, the admin must click on the ‘Submit Your Application’ button to complete setting up their account. 

  1. Now, the admin must click on the ‘Developers’ button provided on the side-navigation bar which will open three options as shown in figure 5 below. 

Fig: 5: Developers Button 

  1. The admin must click on the ‘API Keys’ button and the ‘API keys page’ will appear as shown in figure 6. 

Fig. 6: API Keys Page 

  1. This page displays a section of ‘Standard Keys’. In this section, two keys are displayed: ‘Publishable Key’ and ‘Secret Key’. Admin can copy these two keys. 
    Please note that the ‘View Test Data’ toggle switch is off in figure 6. This means that the keys displayed are ‘Production Keys’ (also known as live keys).
    To get ‘Sandbox’ keys (also known as test keys), the admin must turn on the ‘View Test Data’ toggle switch. The admin can copy the ‘Publishable Key’ and ‘Secret Key’ from this section. 
    The admin can copy these keys and paste them in the respective input fields provided in their settings (Figure 1). 

Payment Workflow at front-end on the Website

Once the plugin is enabled and keys are configured, please go to the front-end and log into the website as a buyer. Try to place an order. On the payment page, Stripe payment gateway will be displayed if the keys are configured correctly in the admin panel. 

Fig. 7: Payment Options page

Once the order has been placed using Stripe payment gateway, the buyer will be redirected to the Order Confirmation page as shown in the figure.

Fig. 8: Order Confirmation Page

Now, the admin must login back to their Stripe account and go to the Payments page. All the transactions received will be listed here. 

Fig. 9: Payments listing page on Stripe Dashboard

The payments are also listed in the All Transactions tab as well. Please make sure that when using Test API keys, the ‘Viewing Test Data’ toggle must be turned on to view the testing transactions. When switching to Live mode, this toggle can be turned off to view live transactions.