Facebook Pixel ID Setup Guide

Facebook Pixel collects data that helps in tracking conversions from Facebook ads, optimize ads, build targeted audiences for future ads and remarket to people who have already taken some kind of action on your website.

This setting is available on Admin panel > System Settings > General Settings > Third Party API tab (Refer Figure 1). 

Fig. 1: Facebook Pixel ID on Admin Dashboard 

To create Facebook Pixel ID, the admin must have a Facebook account. The steps to be followed next are: 

  1. Admin must login to their Facebook account and then visit Events Manager. As shown in figure 2, the ‘Data Sources’ dashboard will open. 

Fig. 2: Data Sources Dashboard 

  1. The admin must click on the  green-plus icon provided on the left side-navigation bar as marked in figure 2.
  2. A ‘Connect a New Data Source’ pop-up box will appear as shown in figure 3, from which the admin must select the ‘Web’ option and click on ‘Get Started’ button to proceed further. 

Fig. 3: ‘Connect A New Data Source’ Pop-up Box

  1. The ‘Set Up Web Events’ pop-up box will appear as shown in figure 4 from which the admin must select the ‘Facebook Pixel’ option and then click on ‘Connect’ button. 

Fig. 4: ‘Set Up Web Events’ Pop-up Box

  1. The ‘Connect Website Activity Using Facebook Pixel’ pop-up menu will appear as shown in figure 5 in which the admin must fill in the necessary details that are Name of pixel and Website URL (optional) and then click on the ‘Continue’ button. 

Fig. 5: ‘Connect Website Activity Using Facebook Pixel’ Pop-up Box 

  1. The pixel Id will be created after this step. The admin must go back to the Data Source dashboard as shown in figure 6, which displays the newly added pixel Id. 

Fig. 6: Data Sources Dashboard Page

  1. The admin can copy the pixel Id displayed below the added pixel’s name as shown in figure 7.

Fig. 7: Copy Pixel Id 


Go to the Settings tab as shown in figure 8 below. The pixel id is mentioned in the details under the Pixel ID section. 

Fig. 8: Copy Pixel Id from Settings tab

Please copy this pixel id and paste it in the settings provided on the admin panel as shown in figure 1


Once the key has been configured on the admin panel, please install the Facebook Pixel Helper extension on your browser. 

Fig. 9: Facebook Pixel Helper 

Now, load your website’s homepage to track events. If you open the extension notifications list, all the traced events will be displayed here. The events will be marked success if the correct pixel id has been configured in the panel. 

Fig. 10: Facebook Pixel Helper

In case if the pixel id configured is incorrect, error messages will be displayed as shown in figure 11 below. 

Fig. 11: Facebook Pixel Helper

The events traced by the respective pixel id are also displayed in the Events Manager panel as shown in the figure 12 below. 

Fig. 12: Events Manager panel