Google Recaptcha V3 API Keys Setup Guide

Admin must configure the Site key and Secret key in their settings to run ‘Google Recaptcha V3’. Please redirect to the Third-Party Integrations > Security tab. 

Fig. 1: Google Recaptcha V3 in Third-Party API tab under General Settings

Admin must have a Google Account to proceed further. The steps to be followed for this are: 

  1. Admin must login into their Google Account and then visit
  2. The admin will be redirected to Google reCaptcha page as shown in figure 2. 

Fig. 2: Google reCaptcha Homepage 

  1. Admin must click on ‘Admin Console’ provided on the top-header of the page as marked in figure 2. The ‘Register A New Site’ form will open as shown in figure 3 in which the admin must: 
    • Label: Enter label as per the provided format. 
    • reCaptcha Type: Select the ‘reCaptcha V3’ option. 
    • Domains: Add the domains as per the provided format.
    • Owners: Enter the email addresses to be linked. 
    • ‘Accept the reCaptcha Terms of Service’ Check-box: Select this check-box to accept the terms of service. 
    • ‘Send Alerts to Owners’ Check-box: Select this check-box if they wish to receive alerts. 

Admin must click on the ‘Submit’ button to finish registering the new site. 

Fig. 3: ‘Register a New Site’ Form 

  1. Clicking on the ‘Submit’ button will open the ‘Adding reCaptcha to Your Site’ page as shown in figure 4. 

Fig. 4: Adding reCaptcha to Your Site 

The admin must click on the ‘COPY SITE KEY’ and ‘COPY SECRET KEY’ buttons provided to the left of provided fields one-by-one to copy the keys and paste them in the respective input fields provided in admin settings on their dashboard (Figure 1). 

Output at front-end: The reCAPTCHA is embedded by Yo!Rent on following landing pages- 

  • Contact Us, 
  • Forgot Password, 
  • Payment Checkout page, 
  • Blog contribution page (<domain>/blog/contribution-form)