Schema Codes Configuration

The websites and products are displayed on Google search results page as shown in figure 1. 

Fig. 1: Output of Google Search Results

To promote their websites, the admin must configure the ‘Schema Codes’ in their settings. 

Fig. 2: Schema Codes Settings (Admin-End)

Yo!Rent has configured the schema codes for both, ‘Website’ and ‘Products’. In case of ‘Website’, the admin needs to configure the ‘Default Schema Code’, for which they must follow the steps provided below: 

  1. Visit which will redirect the admin to the ‘ Organization’ page as shown in figure 3. 

Fig. 3: Schema.Org- Organization 

  1. The admin must scroll to the bottom of this page to the section that displays ‘Examples’ of several script codes as shown in figure 4. 

Fig. 4: ‘Examples’ Section 

  1. The admin must click on the ‘JSON-LD’ tab provided under ‘Example 1’. 

NB: Yo!Rent is configured with JSON-LD code therefore, the admin must make sure to follow this step. 

This will open the JSON-LD script code as shown in figure 5. The admin must copy the complete script code and paste it in their setting. 

Fig. 5: JSON-LD Code

  1. Once the admin has copied the script code, they must update it as per their requirement. The parameters such as ‘URL’ and ‘Contact Number’ are marked in the above figure 5. 
    NB: The admin must make sure to update this code with all the correct details. All the unnecessary parameters can be removed carefully from the code. 
  2. There are only two parameters included in this code. The admin can add more such parameters. Several parameters have been listed in the table provided in the above sections of this page. The admin can add parameters such as ‘Brand’, ‘Department’, ‘Customer’ and so on. 

The schema code for ‘Products’ has already been embedded in the Yo!Rent system with the following standard parameters: 

  • Product name, 
  • Product image, 
  • Price/offers, 
  • Rating.

Please visit to have a look at several other parameters. In case of customizations please contact the Yo!Rent team.