SMS Notifications (Twilio) Plugin API Keys Setup Guide

The admin needs to configure SMS notification plugin settings from System Settings > Plugins > SMS Notifications > Twilio SMS Notification > Settings. 

Fig. 1: Twilio SMS Notification Plugin Settings at Admin-end

As shown in figure 1, the admin needs to configure ‘Account Sid*’, ‘Auth Token*’, and ‘Sender Id*’

The steps to be followed are: 

  1. Visit which will redirect the admin to ‘Twilio’ homepage. The admin can either Sign Up (If they are not yet registered) or Login (If they are already registered), as marked in figure 2. 

Fig. 2: Twilio Homepage 

  1. Once logged in, the admin will be redirected to ‘Twilio Dashboard’ as shown in figure 3. 

Fig. 3: Twilio Dashboard

This page displays the ‘Account SID’ and ‘Auth Token’ keys as marked in figure 4.

Fig. 4: ‘Account SID’ and ‘Auth Token’ keys

The admin must copy the keys by clicking on  and paste them in their settings as shown in figure 1

  1. The ‘Sender ID’ is basically a unique name or standard mobile number that shows in the ‘From’ field of the text messages on the phones. A ‘Trial Number’ is provided on the Dashboard as marked in figure 1.5. The admin can copy and paste this trial number in the ‘Sender ID’ field in their settings as shown in figure 1.

Fig. 5: Trail Number Used as Sender ID (for Testing Purposes)

If the admin does not view any trial number they can create one by clicking on ‘Get a Trial Number’ button as shown in figure 4. Clicking on this button will open a pop-up menu displaying a trial number. The admin must copy the trial number by clicking on the button provided on this pop-up and then click on the ‘Done’ button. Once the changes are saved at both the end, the admin can use this number for testing purposes. 

NB: The ‘Trial Number’ is only provided for testing purposes. If the admin needs to create their own ‘Alphanumeric Sender ID’ they must ‘Upgrade’ their account and follow the steps provided below. 

  1. To create an ‘Alphanumeric Sender ID’ the admin must then return back to the Twilio dashboard and go to ‘All Products & Services’ as shown in figure 6. 

Fig. 6: All Products & Services 

Fig. 7: List of Products and Services 

This will open a list of products and services as shown in figure 7. The admin must click on the ‘Phone Numbers’ tab provided under ‘Super Network’ as marked in figure 7.

  1. This will open the ‘Phone Numbers’ page as shown in figure 8 which also displays a list of sub-tabs in the left side-navigation bar. 

Fig. 8: Phone Numbers Tab 

The admin must click on the ‘Getting Started’ option as marked in the figure 8. 

  1. The admin will be redirected to ‘Get Started with Phone Numbers’ page as marked in figure 9. 

Fig. 9: ‘Get Started With Phone Numbers’ Page 

The admin must click on ‘Register for a Sender ID’ redirect URL provided on this page as marked in figure 9. 

  1. The admin will be redirected to ‘Let’s register your Alphanumeric Sender ID’ page as shown in figure 10. 

Fig. 10: ‘Let’s Register Your Alphanumeric Sender ID’ Page 

  1. The admin must scroll down and fill in the complete form carefully with all necessary details. Once the details have been entered, the admin must click on the ‘Submit’ button to finish creating the sender Id. This created id needs to be entered in the ‘Sender id’ input field provided in the admin panel (figure 1). 
    NB: Please note that the Twilio is not applicable to all countries and there are different rules for getting Sender ID approved in different countries. For more information, please follow the link: