Admin Login

The admin can log into the admin portal by entering their credentials on the Login form. The login credentials will be provided to the authorized admin by the Tribe team.

Fig. 1.1: Admin Login Form 

Activating the ‘Remember Me’ option will allow the browser to have access to the admin’s profile until they have logged themselves out. 

In case the admin forgets the password, they can reset it by clicking on ‘Forgot Password?’ button which will redirect them to the ‘Reset Password’ page. 

Fig. 1.2: ‘Forgot Password’ Form

Admin can reset the password through: 

  1. Registered Email Address: The admin will receive an email with a link to reset the password (figure 1.2). Clicking on the ‘Reset Your Password’ button will redirect the admin to ‘Reset Password’ form. Fig. 1.3: Reset Password Link
  2. Registered Phone Number: The admin will receive an OTP (One-Time-Password) on their registered mobile number. Entering the OTP will redirect the admin to the ‘Reset Password’ form.Fig. 1.4: Reset Password via Registered Phone Number

Submitting the form after filling in the necessary details will reset the password.  

Clicking on the ‘Add Products’ button provided on the top-right corner of the dashboard page, will redirect the admin to ‘Add a New Product’ form. Besides this button, a ‘Getting Started button is provided clicking on which will open a quick setup guide. These steps can help admin complete those important configurations and settings which are necessary to get started before adding products to their website.Fig. 1.5: Getting Started

These steps include -

  1. Add Localization Settings
  2. Configure General Settings
  3. Configure Homepage
  4. Setup Payment Gateway
  5. Setup Shipping Charges
  6. Setup Tax Rates
  7. Add Brands
  8. Add Categories
  9. Add Products
  10. Configure Content Pages

A ‘Skip’ button is provided to close this guide. A pop-up window will appear that will ask to either skip the steps for this session or forever.