Top-Header Shortcut Icons

The header section displays a few shortcut icons at the top-right corner. 

Fig. 2.1: Short-cut Icons

  1. Search: The admin can search for a particular module such as Orders, Promotions, Products, etc. or blogs, products or users. Clicking on the search icon will display a search window as shown in figure 2.2 below. The admin can enter the keywords in the search bar provided at the top. The search results will be displayed below, based on the keywords entered. Clicking on the appropriate search result will redirect the admin to the destination page. Fig. 2.2: Search Window
    Click on the check-box provided below to use ctrl+F as a shortcut for accessing this search window. 
  2. Store: Clicking on this icon will redirect the admin to the homepage of the website at front-end. 
  3. Clear Cache: Clicking on this icon will clear the cache.
  4. Switch Between Dark Mode/Light Mode: Clicking on this icon will change the view mode for the admin panel. The admin can use this shortcut button to switch between dark mode and light mode.
    NB: This short-cut button will not be displayed if the ‘Enable Dark Mode’ settings are disabled from the CMS tab provided under System Settings
  5. Quick Menu: Clicking on this icon will open a slide bar on the right. This bar includes -
    • To Do List: Admin can add, set reminders and delete tasks from this section. Enter the keywords for the task and click on the  plus button provided besides the input box. The created tasks will be displayed in the section provided below as shown in figure 2.3.Fig. 2.3: To-Do List
      The admin can add alerts to a task by clicking on the bell icon that is displayed when hovering the cursor over a particular task. Clicking on this button will open a calendar to define a date and time in the future to set up an alarm. Please refer to the above figure to see how the defined alarms are displayed below the respective to-dos.
      To add a to-do task for a sub-admin, please tag their name using ‘@’. The created task will be displayed in the respective sub-admin’s to-do list. Please note that the tasks tagged with a sub-admin will not be displayed in the admin’s to-do list.
    • Notifications: The notifications related to any latest activities being performed on the store are displayed here. They can be marked as ‘read or ‘unread as per the admin’s discretion.Fig. 2.4: Notifications 
    • Chat: This section displays the messages and chats received to the admin from the registered buyers. Clicking on the chats will redirect the admin to the ‘Messages’ page where all the chats are listed.Fig. 2.5: Chat
    • Profile: Clicking on the logo will redirect the admin to basic profile details. The admin can change their password, email address and profile related general information from this section.Fig. 2.6: Profile Settings
      1. Personal Information:Admin can view and update their personal details from this tab (figure 2.6). Please note that the username and email address cannot be changed from this tab. The admin can - 
        • Profile Image: Update their profile picture. To make changes, click on the edit icon provided besides the profile picture. A pop-up menu will appear as shown in figure 2.7 below. The admin can make changes in the existing picture or upload a new picture.Fig. 2.7: Add Profile Image
        • Full Name*: View/update the full name. 
        • Username: The username provided at the time of installation will be displayed in this field. This cannot be changed later
        • Email Address: The email address through which the admin has registered will be displayed in this field. To change the registered email address, please visit Change Email Address tab
        • Phone: Change/add a contact number. 
        • Preferred Language: Select a language to be preferred on their dashboard. 
        • Timezone: Set the timezone in which they are located.
      2. Change Password: Admin can reset their password from this tab. Please note that entering the previous password is mandatory to reset your password.Fig. 2.8: Change Password
        After filling in the necessary information, please click on Submit to update the password. 
      3. Change Email Address: Admin can update their email address from this tab.Fig. 2.9: Change Email Address
        Please note that a verification link will be forwarded to the admin’s previously registered email. Please click on that verification link to proceed further with the email updation process. Fill in the necessary details and click on Submit to update the email address.