Tribe- Kit Installation Guide

Basic Requirements: 

  1. php 7.3 or greater 
  2. Node: Latest version 
  3. Composer: 2X

Note: Please install XAMPP in case you want to run your project on localhost. If you wish to run the project on a server, please make sure that the latest version of Apache is installed. 

Once the basic requirements are set up, please follow the below steps to 

  1. Download the zip file or the repo clone from GitHub
  2. Extract and keep the files in folders- 
    • Localhost: keep files in htdocs folder 
    • Server: Please upload the installation script files to their hosting root directory. By using any FTP, you will connect to the hosting account.
      For example: If webroot configured to /public_html and you have uploaded scripts files to the /public_html then you can access their script files directly via their domain name
  3. Move all the files and folders from gitignore_files (individually or collectively) folder to the hosting root directory. 
  4. Now, open <domain>/installer in a browser which will redirect the user to the ‘Welcome to Tribe’ page as shown in figure 1 below. Fig. 1: Welcome to Tribe
    Click on ‘Install’ to proceed further.
  5. In the next step ‘License & Use’, select the terms and conditions check-box and then click on ‘Next’.Fig. 2: License & Use
  6. In the third step ‘Language’, please select a default language for the website. Please note that the language chosen here will be known as the Default System Language and it cannot be changed later.Fig. 3: Language
    After selecting the language, please click on the ‘Next’ button to proceed further.
  7. The next step includes validating the Server requirements. Please validate all the server requirements. The user cannot proceed further in case if any of these requirements are not met.Fig. 4: Server
    Please click on the ‘Next’ button to proceed further. 
  8. In the next step ‘App & Database’, please enter the following details:
    • Storage Permissions: The storage and bootstrap folders which are being displayed on the screen should be given the permissions 775.
    • App Name*: Enter the application/website name. 
    • App URL*: Enter the application/website URL. 
    • Database Name*: Enter the name of the database. 
    • Database Host*: Enter the database host.
    • Database Port*: Enter the database port.
    • Database User Name*: Enter the database’s username.
    • Database Password: Enter the password for your database. 
    • Instal Dummy Data: Select ‘True’ to install the application/website with dummy data included in the database. Select ‘False’ to install the application/website with a blank database.Fig. 5: App & Database
      After filling the necessary details, please click on the ‘Next’ button to proceed further. 
  9. In the next step ‘Business Details’, please enter all the necessary information. The Business Information section includes details related to business setup. The Admin Details section includes details required for creating the admin profile. Fig. 6: Business Details
    After filling the necessary details, please click on the ‘Next’ button to proceed further.
  10. In this step ‘Brand Information’, please enter the brand related information. When uploading a brand logo, please choose the aspect ratio as per your requirement. Additionally, please set the theme and inverse colors for both, admin panel and the front-end.Fig. 7: Brand Information
    After filling the necessary details, please click on the ‘Next’ button to proceed further.
  11. In the ‘Review’ step, please review the details entered in the previous steps. In case any of the details need to be changed, please use the ‘Back’ button or click on the particular step from the right section where all steps are listed.Fig. 8: Review
    Please click on the ‘Next’ button to reach the final step.
  12. The installation process will begin in the final step. The progress will be displayed on the page.Fig. 9: Installation
    Once the setup is complete, please click on the ‘Go to Admin’ button to log into the admin panel.