Feature list

1. System Overview

Yo!Coach helps to build an online learning/consultation platform where people from all over the world can connect, communicate, and learn without any geographical restrictions. The platform allows teachers and learners to collaborate, where learners can book lessons and teachers can deliver the lessons via an online video chat feature on the website. 

The website also has collaboration with third-party APIs providing features like textpad, whiteboard, workspace, to simulate the real-life learning environment for teachers and learners on the website. 

Admin is the overall controller of the website and the commissions from online lesson booking will be the primary business model of the website.

2. User Types

The portal will have different types of users which include:

i. Guest Users: A guest user will be able to view complete details of the available teachers and navigate on other pages of the website that do not require registration/log-in.

ii. Learners: A learner can search for teachers and view results based on the search criteria. Also, a learner can view the availability calendar of the teacher and book a lesson by making payment.

iii. Teachers: A teacher can register and create a public teaching profile (as per the experience) on the website.

iv. Admin: A website administrator will have complete control of the system. The admin will be responsible for the approval of teacher profiles teacher profile approval on the website. The admin can also create lesson packages and deliver the lessons by using an online video chat option.

3. Features Available

Following are the features, which will be available in the system:

3.1 Front-end User Features (Learners)

1. Register & Login

  • Via Email
  • Via Facebook and Google

2. Time Zone: Once a user opens the website, their time zone will be auto-detected.

3. Multi-Lingual

4. Multi-Currency

5. Browse & Search

  • Browse Teachers as per Languages
  • Search by keywords
  • View Search results as per the searched criteria

6. Sort & filters

  • Sort By:
  • Most Popular
  • Price Low to high
  • Price High to Low
  • Filter By:
  • Languages Spoken (By teachers)
  • Price
  • Skills
  • Location (Country)
  • Gender

7. Teachers Listing Page (Results Page): View teachers based on selected criteria with the following details:

  • Teacher’s Name
  • Teacher’s Image
  • Location
  • Ratings
  • Price Range
  • Languages they Teach
  • Languages Spoken (With Proficiency Level)
  • No. of Lessons Delivered

8. Teacher Details Page: By clicking on a teacher’s profile, the user will be redirected to the teacher’s details page comprising of the following information:

  • Teacher’s Name
  • Teacher’s Image
  • Intro Video (Populated via YouTube link)
  • Location
  • Ratings
  • Price Range
  • Languages they Teach
  • Languages Spoken (With Proficiency Level)
  • No. of Lessons Delivered
  • Profile Description (About the Teacher)
  • Availability Calendar
  • Teaching Expertise
  • Resume
  • Book Free Trial
  • Book Lesson
  • Message to Teacher

9. Free Trial Booking (30 Mins Trial)

  • Select the Date and Time from Availability Calendar
  • Complete Booking

The free trial session time will be common for all the teachers on the website. The students can take 1 free trial per teacher.

10. Paid Booking & Checkout (1 Hour Slots)

  • Select Number of Lessons
  • View Lessons Price
  • Select Payment Method
  • View Total Price
  • Complete Payment
  • Schedule the lesson after successful payment  through the Thankyou page and also through the My lessons page

11. Join Lessons/Classes

  • Once a free trial/Private lesson/Group lesson is purchased and booked, they will be listed under the lessons section.
  • As per the scheduled time, students can join the class/lesson to be delivered by teachers.

12. Lesson Interaction/DeliveryTools (AtomChat, Lessonspace, and Zoom)

  • Video Chat
  • All the lessons will be delivered by the teachers via video call.
  • Video Calling platforms may have features like screen sharing.
  • The screen sharing and recording feature will depend upon the subscribed API package.
  • Workspace/File Sharing: A workspace will be a common space between learners and teachers, the teachers will have the option to upload the files (DOC, PDF)
  • Whiteboard: Using a whiteboard, users can efficiently edit documents, save revisions, export files and do much more with third-party video tools.
  • Text pad or Collaborative Document: This feature will allow teachers and learners to create documents during the lessons. A teacher can create a TextPad to write and share it with an individual learner or vice versa. The collaboration in the text pad will be one to one i.e. between one teacher and one learner. The text pad will have the following features:
  • Write Text
  • Change Font (Type, Size, Color)
  • Font Style (Bold, Italic, Underline)
  • Bullet Lists
  • Undo/Redo
  • Copy/Paste
  • Save and Download
  • Text Chat: A chat option will be available using which the learner and teacher can communicate with each other. A Text chat will have the following features:
  • Text Messages Interchange
  • Emoticons
  • Special Characters
  • Language Translations
  • Speech Messages

        For more features and pricing please review:

  • Atom Chat: https://www.atomchat.com/pricing
  • Lesson Space: https://www.thelessonspace.com/pricing
  • Zoom: https://zoom.us/pricing

The above-mentioned features willvary based on the API being used on the platform for implementation.

  • Flashcards: A learner can create flashcards for the lessons. The flashcard can help to learn a language with the following details:
  • New Word
  • Definition
  • Pronunciation
  • Notes

Learners can review the flashcards to revise the new words.

13. Lesson Rescheduling: Learners will have the option to reschedule the lesson. The learner can choose an alternative time from the teacher’s availability calendar for rescheduling the lesson. A notification will be sent to the teacher for a new schedule.

14. Lesson Cancellation (Website Wallet): Learners will have the option to cancel the lesson. Upon cancellation, the money will be refunded to the learner's online wallet in the system which can be further used to make payment for other lessons.

15. Report Issue in Lesson: In case of any technical difficulty, the learners can report an issue to the teacher. The teacher can decide whether they would like to:

  • Complete the lesson
  • Reschedule the Lesson
  • Refund 50%
  • Refund 100%

Disputes can be raised to the admin.

16. Review and Ratings: Upon lesson completion,the learners can submitreviews and ratings for the teachers.Review and ratings willbe reflected onrespective profiles after the admin’s approval.

17. Gift Cards

  • Buy Gift Card: Users can buy a gift card from the website to share with their friends and acquaintances after specifying the following details:
  • Name
  • From
  • Message
  • Gift Card Price
  • Complete Payment Once purchased, a gift card will be sent to the buyer’s email ID from where they can further share it with their friends and acquaintances.
  • Redeem Gift Card
  • All the gift cards can be redeemed on the website while making payments for the lessons.
  • Once redeemed, gift cards cannot be redeemed again.

18. Video Section: There will be a section in the Header area ‘Video Content’ where users can view the video content uploaded by the Admin. The admin can upload the videos from the backend.

19. Subscribe to Newsletter

20.Gift Cards

21. How it Works

22. FAQ

23. CMS Pages (About Us, Privacy, Terms, etc.)

24. Contact Us

3.2 Front-end User Features (Teachers)

The teachers will have all the features of learners along with the following additional features:

1. Register & Login

  • Via Email
  • Via Facebook and Google

2. Submit Additional Details/ Apply to Teach

  • Languages they teach
  • Languages they speak
  • Video URL (YouTube)
  • Biography (About Me)
  • Resume
  • Availability for Teaching
  • Profile Image
  • Govt. ID Proof
  • Agreement Terms
  • Submit

The profile details will be submitted to the admin for approval. After getting approval from the admin, the teachers can access the dashboard.

3. Teaching Profile Updates:

All the details submitted to the admin for approval will be populated with further profile options:

  • Teaching Expertise
  • Languages they speak
  • Specify the proficiency
  • Accents
  • Ages they cater
  • Lessons Include
  • Subjects
  • Price

4. Availability Calendar [Timezone Based]

  • The availability calendar allows teachers to specify their weekly and daily availability.
  • The teachers have the option to select any Timezone to specify their availability regardless of their current location.

5. Price Setting

  • Lesson Price
  • Single Lesson Price
  • Bulk Lesson Price
  • Personal Student Price
  • Teachers can fix any price to their students irrespective of their lesson price.
  • This will be applicable to the students for all future purchases.

6. Teaching Guidelines:

This will be a CMS page where all the teaching guidelines will be available for the teachers. This page will be managed by the admin.

7. Teaching Tutorials: The section will consist of tutorial videos (YouTube) for teachers. Tutorial videos will be created and uploaded by the admin from the admin panel.

8. Group Classes: The section will consist of Group classes for teacher to create and manage the group class with different slots.

3.3 Admin Features

This section will empower the admin to manage the entire website from the backend. The backend comes with strong functionalities that help the admin to manage the website effectively. The functionalities in this section would be:-

  • Manage Users (teachers/learners) and User Profiles
  • Manage Teacher Approval
  • Manage PWA Settings
  • Manage Languages Type
  • Manage Payments
  • Manage Orders/Bookings
  • Manage Cancellations
  • Manage Withdrawals
  • Manage Issues Reported by Learners
  • Manage Offers/Promo Codes
  • Manage Videos/Tutorial Videos
  • Manage Settings
  • Manage Gift Cards
  • Manage slots for Single lesson and Group classes
  • Manage Bulk Lesson Packages
  • Manage Content Pages like About, Term of use, Privacy policy, Guidelines, FAQ, etc.
  • Manage Blogs
  • Manage Flash Cards (Enable/Disable)
  • Generate Sitemap
  • Manage User GDPR Requestes 
  • Security Settings

    Admin Settings < General Settings< Security Settings
    1. Admin shall be able to follow settings under System Settings:
    2. Remember my password for admin login - No. of days- provided with text box (to add numeric value 1-999 days)
    3. Remember my password for frontend users (Tutor & Student)- No. of days- provided with text box (to add numeric value 1-999 days)
    4. Admin shall be able to view and configure the settings under Security Settings ( this would be a new tab under Settings)
    5. Select security settings - Select from the following dropdown menu:
        a) Admin:
            - Moderate (User Login IP will be disabled) 
            - High - Set as default settings - (User Login IP will be enabled)
        b) Frontend users (Tutor and Students)
            - Moderate (User Login IP will be disabled)
            - High - Set as default settings- (User Login IP will be enabled)

Yo!Coach is highly committed to the users’ rights to privacy and protection, and therefore, complies with the GDPR policiesIt now aims to offer control to the users over sharing their personal data. The users registered on the platform can anytime request the admin to delete their personal information. The compliance enables business owners to assure the platform users who are concerned about their security and privacy.

3.4 Marketing Features

To get the most from your tutoring platform, Yo!Coach is integrated with Google Analytics. Drawing insights from in-depth analysis like visitor statistics, traffic sources, and much more, you can deliver better experiences and drive results.

Yo!Coach also comes with a Robots.txt file added to disallow indexing of the unwanted pages and avoid overloading the platform with requests.

4. Payment Process

  • Once payment is made by the learner, complete payment will be sent to the Portal Payment Account and virtual credits will be sent to the teacher’s online wallet after lesson delivery (With Portal Commission Deduction).
  • Teachers will have the option to request a withdrawal, once the withdrawal request is submitted to admin; the admin can transfer the money to the teacher's
  • Bank Account or
  • PayPal account i.e. via PayPal Payouts

5. Third-Party APIs Integration

Following are the list of APIs used in the platform:

Payment APIs

  • PayPal Standard Payments including Payouts
  • Authorize.Net Payments
  • Stripe
  • Paystack
  • PayGate
  • 2Checkout

Lesson Interaction and Delivery

  • AtomChat
  • Lessonspace
  • Zoom

6. Yo!Coach Niches

The Yo!Coach architecture supports platforms to be modified for the following applications:

  • Doctors Consultation
  • Lawyers Consultation
  • Music Lessons
  • Dance Lessons
  • Fitness Coaching
  • Language Learning Lessons
  • Academic Education
  • Business Consultation

Note: Please note that the configuration of 3rd party APIs by our team will carry additional charges.

Yo!Coach - A Perfect Solution for Building an Online Learning & Consultation Portal