Reports module is provided to help the admin evaluate and analyze the popularity of languages and teachers’ performance on the platform. 

1. Top Languages Report 

By default, all the languages offered by the platform are listed here. 

As shown in the figure above, the following fields display the language-related stats: 

  • Language Name - The name of the language 
  • No. Of Sold Lessons - Total number of lessons sold.
  • Completed Lessons - Total number of lessons completed 
  • Cancelled Lessons - Total number of cancelled lessons. 
  • Action - View detailed schedules-data for the selected language.

  • Search
    As shown in the figure below, using the search panel, the admin can set the date range and country for which the results need to be displayed.

  • View Schedules
    Clicking on the View Schedules link will redirect the admin to a new window that displays the in-depth schedules data.

As shown in the figure above, the admin can view the following data.

  • Lesson ID - Lesson ID, which is created when a lesson is booked by the learner. 
  • Learner - Name of the learner who's booked the lesson.
  • Teacher - Name of the teacher with whom the session is booked. 
  • Lesson Date - Date for which the lesson is scheduled. 
  • Language - Language in which a lesson will be delivered. 
  • Status - Current status of the lesson, which can be anything from Scheduled, Cancelled, or Need to be Scheduled.

2. Teacher Performance Report

In this module, the Admin can view the performance-related attributes of all the teachers listed on the platform. As shown in the figure below, the report results can be filtered based on teachers’ country using the drop-down menu in the search bar. 

As shown in the figure below, the list displays the performance information about teachers through the following columns: 

  • Name: The column displays the name of the teacher. 
  • No. Of Sold Lessons:  Total number of lessons sold by the teacher so far.
  • Completed Lessons: Total number of lessons completed/delivered by the teacher so far. 
  • Cancelled Lessons: Total number of lessons that were cancelled for this teacher either by the student or teacher him/herself. 
  • No. Students: Total number of students who have taken lessons from the selected teacher. 
  • Rating: Average rating of the teacher on the platform.

3. Commission Report 

The admin will now be able to view the commission reports with respect to individual teachers. As shown in the figure below, the report will display the expert details, sales order value and commission earned by Admin.

4. Reschedule/Cancellation Report: 

In the Lesson Stats field under Reports section, the admin will now be able to view and export the reschedule and cancellation reports of individual learners and teachers as shown in the figure below.

Clicking on the 3 dots button in the actions column brings up the view scheduled/cancellation reports. The reports display expert name, student name, order details, action performed and some other details. This report can also be exported as a CSV file as shown in the two figures below.