Yo!Coach FAQs

Can we change the free trial session duration from the admin panel?

Yes, Admin can manage it from General settings > Options. However, at a time only one duration can be selected.

Are the Group classes recurring for the students?

No, the group classes are not recurring for the students. 

Zoom is a preferred tool for consultation sessions.

Both CometChat and Lessonspace can be used here. However, Lessonspace comprises more features and is a bit more expensive than Cometchat. 

How many zoom licenses shall I purchase for facilitating live sessions?

While using zoom, you don’t need to purchase multiple licenses for facilitating sessions. You are required to purchase just one license.

The users are not receiving any emails from the system. What settings are required to fix the same?

The SMTP settings need to be configured for the emails to work in the system. It can be configured under the Admin settings > General Settings > Email. 

To configure the same please follow the setup guide link attached for the reference: https://www.yo-coach.com/images/SMTP-Email.pdf to configure the SMTP settings.

You can follow the SMTP guide https://support.fatbit.com/en_US/206430-smtp-email

How to manage the top rated Tutor section on the landing page?

The top rated Tutor section is not manageable from the admin settings. The Tutor listing under this section appears dynamically based on a system algorithm. These are the parameters involved in the same: 

  1. The total number of learners of a Tutor.
  2. The no. of lessons completed by the Tutor.
  3. The ratings of the Tutor.

How to manage the subjects/languages in the hamburger view?

This can be managed through the admin panel> teacher preferences> Teaching Languages

Follow this link for more info: https://support.fatbit.com/en_US/yocoach-admin-user-manual-version-2-3/teacher-details-preferences

How to hide the blog section if I have no blogs to show?

The blog section is manageable from the Admin Settings > Blog Section > Remove the blog post categories from the action button or you can mark the status as inactive through the edit option. 

You can follow this article for more info: https://support.fatbit.com/en_US/yocoach-admin-user-manual-version-2-3/blog-management

You, as admin, can manage blogs from the admin panel itself. 

Admin panel>blog section> click the upper three dots to add a new blog category. 

You can define the root category or add the new blogs to existing categories. Once you post a blog you can link the blog in the blog post list and link it to any category defined earlier.

For more info on managing blogs, follow this article: https://support.fatbit.com/en_US/yocoach-admin-user-manual-version-2-3/blog-management

Where does Recaptcha work on the website?

It works only on the contact us page and the keys need to be configured in the system to make it work.

Tutor/Consultant has registered on the platform but is not visible on the frontend. What could be the reason?

The Tutor/Consultant has not filled all the stages of the profile i.e. the account section and the availability section. 

In the account section, the Tutor/Consultant is required to fill in all the details related to personal information, Languages spoken, Experience, prices for various subjects to teach and skills. If any section is pending, the profile will not be visible on the frontend.

When does the student/user get notified about the session?

As the sessions are pre-scheduled in Yo!Coach, thus, the system sends two reminders to the user/students via the email - One is 24 hours before the session and other is 30 minutes before the session.

When do the teachers/consultants get notified regarding the new session?

The teachers/consultants receive session booking notification via an email as well as by a system generated notification on their dashboard.

For more information you may follow this article: https://support.fatbit.com/en_US/yocoach-tutor-user-manual-version-2-3/account-settings

What is the difference between weekly availability and general availability?

The General Availability refers to the  general time slots or repetitive time slot of a Tutor/Consultant to conduct the lessons whereas, the Weekly Availability allows the Tutor/Consultants to set their availability for a specific time of a particular week where you could add or remove time slots, perhaps when you are busy with work or studies.

For example, the Tutor/Consultant can set the general availability as 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM 5 working days, and the weekly schedule is the same for the Tutor/Consultant.

But because of some urgency, the Tutor/Consultant is not able to take class from 5:00pm to 7:00pm on Wednesday.

So the Tutor/Consultant can simply disable the particular time slot from the weekly schedule settings.

When does the Tutor/Consultant receive the payment?

As per the default functionality of the system, the tutor will receive the payment in their virtual wallet after the successful completion of the class which means no issue is reported against the same.

The system will check the time duration set by the admin under the Admin settings  > General settings > Options > Report/escalate Issue. 

For example, if the time duration for Report/escalated issue is set as 12 hours. The learner will be able to report the issue within 12 hours after the lesson is delivered. In cases where no issue is reported by the learner in the defined time duration. The system will automatically transfer the session amount to the tutor’s wallet after 12 hours.