The dashboard gives an overview of the upcoming lessons. It can be viewed in a List or a Calendar view as shown in figures below respectively,

Scheduled Lesson View

Clicking on the view  button takes the user to a detailed view of the Scheduled Lesson as shown below.

The main screen displays the time left before the lesson is scheduled to take place. On the left side of the screen, there are two tabs:

  • Info 
  • Flashcards

i) Info

Lesson Details

Under the Info tab, the user can view the basic lesson details. 


Below the lesson details, there's a separate segment for different actions as shown below. 

  1. View Lesson Plan - Tutor can view the lesson plan by clicking on this icon. (If no lesson plan is assigned, 'No Results Found!' message will display). The “Attach Lesson Plan” button can be used to assign a lesson plan.
  2. Attach Lesson Plan - The tutor can attach a lesson plan by clicking the icon. It opens the Lesson Plan Window with a list of all the existing plans as shown in the figure. 2.1.2. There's also an “Add New Lesson Plan” button at the top left corner to create a new lesson plan.
  3. Remove Lesson Plan - Tutor can remove the existing lesson plan by clicking  button.
  4. Reschedule Lesson - Clicking the button will open the request reschedule window. The tutor can add a comment in the text field and click on the “Send” button to create the reschedule request.
  5. Cancel Lesson - The tutor can cancel the lesson by clicking the button. This opens a Cancel plan window. The tutor needs to enter the reason for cancellation and click on the “Send” button to create the cancellation update.

Learner’s Details 

  1. In the third segment, the tutor can view the Learner's details.

ii) Flashcards

Next to the Info tab, there's a Flashcards tab that lists all the flashcards added by the tutor for the learners as shown below. Tutors can view, edit, and delete the flashcards by clicking the icons next to the flashcards. New flashcards can also be added by clicking the “Add New” button.