YoRent Rental Software - V3 Features

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Rental Capabilities 

Products, Search & Listing 

  • Location based search (Geo Location) 
  • Rental date-based search 
  • Ship and pick up fulfillment methods-based search 
  • Map view with filters for products 
  • Map view for nearby shops for pickup 
  • Tiered pricing based on time duration  
    - Daily 
    - Weekly 
    - Monthly 
  • Unavailable dates for rental products 
    - Used to mark inventory unavailable that is rented outside the system 
  • Rental Security 
  • Maintenance days 
    - Used to mark inventory unavailable that is under maintenance before inventory is available for next rental 
  • Add on rental products 
    - Used to upsell rental services or complimentary products 


  • Conditions based cancellation charges for rental orders 
  • Item’s inspection and return module before rental starts 
  • Apply Late charges on overdue rentals 
  • View Upcoming/Overdue rentals 
  • Manage Rental items return after rental period is over 


  • Request additional documents at checkout from the buyer 
  • Buyer can e-Sign and agree to the shop rental terms & conditions 
  • Availability of products at certain Pickup locations for the buyer 


  • Price surge 
    -  Adjust rental prices based on demand 
  • Duration discount 
    - Discount on rental prices based on rental duration 

Request For Quote 

  • Raise a new RFQ with a seller 
  • Generate invoice upon acceptance of bid 
  • Share quotes and re-quote 
  • Order management with Payment link for buyer 

Ecommerce Feature 

  • Brand management 
  • Product & Variants management 
  • Inventory management 
  • Sell products 
  • Add size chart & product brochures 
  • Manage Custom fields based on categories that can be used as filters 
  • Product comparison based on category 
  • Leave feedback for sellers 
  • Product reviews Special discounted 
  • Price Volume discount based on quantity 
  • Discount coupons 
  • Upsell with Buy Together 
  • Cross sell with Related products 
  • Reward points on purchases 

3rd Party Plugins 

  • Google ReCaptcha V3 
  • Mailchimp Mailing list 
  • Payment Gateways 
  • Facebook Pixel 
  • Google Geo Location 
  • Hotjar 
  • PayPal Payouts 
  • Social Logins 
  • Currency Convertor 
  • Twilio SMS Plugin 


  • Google Analytics 
  • Google Webmaster 
  • Bing Webmaster 
  • Hotjar 
  • Meta tags Management 
  • Alt images 
  • URL rewriting 
  • Google Tag manager 
  • Manage Robots file 
  • Schema codes 

General Features

  • GDPR compliant 
  • Advertiser module 
    - PPC module  
  • CSV import export 
  • Seller subscription 
  • Blog Module 
  • Homepage collection management 
  • Content, Email & SMS management 
  • Reports for Rental & Sale orders 
  • Live chat - PPC module 
  • Contact seller (Messaging module) to handle escalations 
    - Product 
    - Orders 
    - RFQ 

Settings and Configurations 

  • Shipping 
    - Location based Order level shipping 
    - Location based Item level shipping 
    - Packing slips for orders 
  • Taxes 
    - Location dependent tax 
    - Single and combined tax structures 
    - Invoice management 
  • Commission management 
  • User management 
    - Buyers 
    - Sellers 
    - Advertisers 
  • Sub-users management 
    - Admin 
    - Seller Shop 

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