Request For Quotes

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Request for quotes also known as RFQ is when your buyers ask you to provide the prices for the item quantities that you specify. This section lists all in-progress or currently under review quote rules under separate headers. Sellers can view, edit, counter quote and delete any quote. Learn and understand what all manual actions can be performed by the seller for each of the following statues:


This is the default status when ‘Request for Quotations’ related requests are received from the buyer. In this status, the seller can view details posted and can reply to the offer through a seller quoted offer form. Once the details are submitted, the requested quoted proposal can still be viewed under the ‘In-Progress’ listing. The listing has following information displayed:

  • Request ID
  • Product Name
  • Qty
  • Request For
  • Date
  • Status


All the requests for quotations that have been accepted by the seller are displayed in the listing. From the main listing area, each record's data details can be viewed by clicking on the icon ‘View Details’.


Being a seller, if you want to cancel an RFQ after it’s been sent, you can do that. The listing also tracks down requested statues that are either closed by buyer and admin. 


This section provides a listing of orders received from the submitted RFQ requests. Please note that once the payment has been made, cancellation cannot be done at this stage. For the easy sorting of the listing, search filters are given. To view the details of the order, click on the ‘View’ icon. In addition to viewing details, the following manual actions can be performed by the seller:

  • Send message to buyer
  • View Rfq
  • Print order detail