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Meta TagsURL Rewriting 

Certain measures are taken to make an e-commerce website and its products visible in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and this is generally called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Sellers can set the language specific SEO details such as Meta title, Meta keyword, Meta description and other Meta tags for the product.

Meta Tags

The metadata that describes the information available on a product page to the search engines is known as Meta-tag. It is important to add a meta-title and meta-description that will be visible on the SERPs. The rankings of products can be improved through these meta-tags. 

The seller can add meta-tags to any of their products in this ‘Meta-Tags’ module. This page shows a list of products displayed on the left side and a message displaying ‘Select A Product to Add/Edit Meta Tags Data’ on the right. The seller can also search for the product in the search bar provided at the top of this page. When the seller clicks on the product for which they want to assign the meta-tag, a form will appear on the right side. 

The following information needs to be added:

  • Language: Select the preferred language from the drop-down list.
  • Meta-Title*: This input-field is already filled with the name of the product but the seller can make changes to the title. 
  • Meta-Keywords*: Enter the meta-keywords in this input box. 
  • Meta Description*: Enter a brief description about the product. 
  • Other Meta Tags: Enter any other meta tags in this input field. 
  • Update Other Languages Data Check-box: Select this check-box if they want their data to be converted into other languages by the system. 

Once the seller has filled in the details, they can click on the ‘Save and Next’ button if they want to re-enter the input-fields in other languages. Sellers must click on the ‘Save & Exit’ button to finish editing. The previously added meta-tags can be edited in the same manner. 

URL Rewriting 

Each product is assigned with URLs that help in improving their SEO ranking. In other words, it is the direct link address to the product. The seller can change and assign a new URL to any product through this module. The ‘URL Rewriting’ page provides a list of all the products along with their original and custom URLs. The seller can search for a particular product by entering keywords in the search-bar provided at the top of this page.

The original URL of any product cannot be changed by the seller. However, the seller can make changes in the custom URL. Clicking on any product listed in the left section of the page will open an edit form in the right section. 

If enabled by the admin, the seller can also add Custom URLs in secondary languages (also known as the language-specific URLs).